Touch UI Rich Text Editor add inline plugins

Posted in AEM Tutorials By Raj On December 6, 2016

In AEM 6.2 Touch UI the rich text editor supports enabling all plugin’s only when we are on inlineEditing , but when it comes to real-time implementation it does not meet all the requirements,so sometimes we need to enable plugin’s at component authoring dialog widget level, this article covers how to add misctools, superscript and subscript plugin’s to the rich text editor

If you add all plugins to the rich text editor rteConfig node without creating inlineEditConfig node then it won’t render  on the rich text editor toolbar, it displays only default plugin’s

The first thing which we need to do is create a clientlibs at component level, the path for this is “/apps/keysandstrokes/components/content/text/clientlib-text”

The next thing is you need to add a property to the clientlibs called categories and assign  “rte.coralui2” to it

I don’t want to re-invent once again so, I am re-using OOTB  CuiToolbarBuilder javascript code, which is placed in /etc/clientlibs/granite/coralui2/optional/rte/js/components/rte/ui folder


The only thing you need to do is just add additional plugin’s to the toolbar section of inline editor, here I have added superscript and subscript plugins


  • Kusumagari vijay kumar

    Hi raj,

    Is there a way that we add any code editor plugin to RichText so that when any user paste any HTMl or css that should get highlight if there are any syntax errors. Do we have any such plugins associated with richText editor