How did I choose MEAN Stack for my product ?

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Around two years back, when I was dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur some stupid idea came into my mind, which is building a carpooling platform for the people who go to the same direction or same office, as a technical enthusiast I started analyzing various technologies which suit’s best for this, the only option I had was to build this using open source technologies

Initially I thought of building this using Drupal but, somehow I was not convinced,I had very good experience on SharePoint so I thought I could build this using Drupal because the Drupal also another CMS and it works based on content types but, the problem is I was not expert on PHP and moreover I did not have full knowledge on Entire Drupal system so, if something goes wrong I did not want to take a risk on spending lot of time on debugging the entire application, and also I have a strong opinion in my mind is that the CMS is best suitable for content management applications not for transactional sites

Later, I thought of building the entire system from scratch, I had two options one is using PHP with MYSQL and another one is MEAN stack

After analyzing my strengths and weakness, I have decided not to go with PHP and MYSQL because I did not know PHP and also I had to design data models as I did not have money to hire people on these so decided not to go with it and also I was planning to build mobile app for this, so if I go ahead with PHP then I had to write separate services which export data as a JSON format which is going to be additional task and also I had to invest money and time to build the services

Finally, I thought of evaluating MEAN Stack. with my JavaScript Experience, I could able to build simple POC on CRUD operations and also exported some services to consume in Android application’s which gave me some confidence that I could build entire system using MEAN Stack

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript based technologies which is used to build the web and mobile applications, the MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.Js

  • The M refers to the MongoDB which is a No SQL database and the data saves in the binary JSON format so, we can easily pass data between client and server
  • The E refers to the express.js which is a web application framework for node, We can build services using express.js
  • The A refers to the angular which is a javascript MVC for web apps
  • The N refer to the node.js which is used to build scalable server-side networking applications

Finally, after 5 months the product went live

The zip rides have a lot of features, you can pair with only corporate employees, dedicated women-only groups and the phone number visible only when the other person accepted your request etc…


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Dash Board Page:


The experience which I had on MEAN stack was very good and I could able to deliver the product very quickly and also the main important thing is I could able to re-use the services which was built for desktop application in Android application finally it saved lot of time for me

The people who know MVC architecture can understand MEAN Stack very easily because the mean stack support MVC architecture the only thing you need to worry is setting up initial framework once it is done then it makes you develop the application very fast