Introduction to AEM Content Fragments

Posted in AEM Tutorials By Raj On December 3, 2016

In this article, I am going to explain about aem content fragments, what is content fragment ? the content fragment is a re-usable asset which contains text elements and reference to other assets such as images, videos etc…

Usually when you are designing a templates or components in AEM sometimes you need to create a component for the static content or simple text snippets, the best example for this is Horizontal Rule,  to render simple <hr/> element sometimes we do develop a component

Normally to re-use content of a component or text snippets at present we are using reference paragraph , the component will be authored in single place and using reference paragraph we can call that anywhere on the site, whenever we update content on original page content the remain things automatically updates

At present, the content can be authored once the templates and components are completed there is no option to create a content before it is being authored, the content author must wait to complete component’s and templates

With the help of AEM Content Fragments, the content writer’s can create content before it is being authored in a page, once the content fragments are created then the layout specialist comes into the picture and he will associate the content fragments to the respective components, the content fragments are useful when we write articles, the content is created only once and can be reused many places

The example for content fragment is a copyright text, the copyright will not change very often , we can use content fragment to create a copyright text and use it on the component’s, whenever we change copyright text it will automatically change all places on the site

Using variations the content editor can create a content specifically for mobile , email, tablet etc…, while authoring page the content author can map these variations to respective component’s