How to install Java JDK 8 and Java 8 ?

Posted in Environment Setup, Java, Selenium By Raj On October 2, 2017


In this article, I am going to explain to you how to install JDK and Java in windows environment 


The JDK is a software development environment which will be used to develop Java-based applications, it contains Java compiler, java runtime environment, java loader, archiver and other tools which are required debugging and monitoring java applications

You can download JDK by simply clicking this link JDK Download, once the download page is opened then click on JDK button


In the next page, you will see development kit and demos and samples sections, we  don’t need sample’s and demo’s to setup environment so, go to the development kit and download the package, if you are setting up on windows environment then you need to download exe file, make sure download the proper version, for 64 bit download “Windows X64”


Once the download is completed then run the exe file


Once the installation is completed then go to the advanced settings of your system and set environment variable, you can reach out to advanced setting by following this

MyComouter properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables -> open the path variable and add below line with existing content, if there is no path variable then you need to add it by clicking new system variable



Once the path variable setup is completed then go to the command prompt and then run the below command

if you see the below screen then the setup is successful, if not please cross check the above steps once