How to install Apache Solr ?

Posted in Uncategorized By Raj On September 25, 2016

Are you new to Apache Solr?

Then I would recommend you to read Introduction to Apache Solr  before installing Solr on your local machine, you can install Solr in any machine where the JRE is installed

I would recommed you to install latest version of JRE by downloading JDK from Oracle site  “”, you can check what version is runnng in your local machine by simply executing this command “java -version”

Install Solr ?

Open the below Url and click on Download link, the download link will redirect to mirror site, where you can find all verison’s of Solr installation setup files

Download the file into your local machine and extract it

Once the folder is extracted then to launch Solr you need to run the below command in command prompt,

The solr start command start the solr instance and  to stop solr you need to run stop command by specifying port number

If you get below screen when you run “solr start” then the Solr is successfully up and running in your local machine


You can open Solr dashboard by hitting this url “http://localhost:8983/solr/#/” and the dashboard looks like below




The next step is create a core, the core is single index repository, when you upload files in to Solr the content and fields index’s of uploaded document’s will be created in core, every core has it’s own schem.xml and solrconfig.xml, you can have multiple cores in single instance each core talks about specific set of  data ex: create core for employee information and another core customer’s information

The below command creates a core called core_directory

You can open core_directory by opening below url





Once the core_directory is created then the next step is upload pdf file in to the directory to index content of file, run the below command to upload userguide.pdf file into Solr, the is uniqueid

Once the file is uploaded then you can search content of userguide by hitting below url



If you are able to see search results in the dashboard then the Solr installation is successfull in your local machine