How to create new selenium project using Eclipse ?

Posted in Selenium By Raj On October 2, 2017

In this article, I am going to explain to you how to create new  selenium project using eclipse, the below things are pre-requisites to create a new selenium project, to setup JDK and Maven in your local environment refer below articles 

If you don’t have eclipse on your local machine then you can download it by clicking on this link download eclipse, once the eclipse is downloaded into your local machine then click on eclipse.exe file, it will ask you to setup workspace folder, whatever project’s you create using eclipse ide will store under this workspace folder so, first we need to setup workspace folder, you can create separate workspace for set of related projects here all my selenium based projects are storing under “selenium” workspace folder


Once the workspace is created then go to the File -> New ->  Maven Project


In the new project window  select “create simple project” option and then fill the below artifact related information


Once the artifacts related information is entered then click on finish button, now you should see maven project structure  something like below


Edit the pom.xml file and add below entries

Once the build is successful then create a new package called “com.keysandstrokes.selenium” and then add new class in the package folder

if you see the intelli-sense something like below then your creations of selenium project is successful