Create a java project using Eclipse

Posted in Environment Setup, Java By Raj On November 18, 2017


In my previous article, you have seen how to create a simple java program using notepad editor, but you can not write complex logic using notepad and it is hard to remember java syntax’s so, you must have some development environment which will make your development faster, the Eclipse IDE which is most widely used development environment for Java projects will help us to write Java programs

If you don’t have eclipse on your local machine then you can download it by clicking on this link download eclipse, once the eclipse is downloaded into your local machine then click on eclipse.exe file, it will ask you to setup workspace folder, whatever project’s you create using Eclipse IDE will store under this workspace folder along with the preferences so, first we need to setup workspace folder, you can create separate workspace for set of related projects here all my java based projects are storing in “java” workspace folder

You can create a project by going to File -> New -> Project 


Once, you click on the project then you should see Java Project Wizard


The Wizard contains other project types also but, as we are going to work on Java Project so, just select Java Project and click on next button


The final project structure is something like below


Once the project is created then you need to create a Java Package learn how to create a Java Package using Eclipse